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Welcome to Department of Urdu, University of Delhi

Our political independence has heightened the importance and necessity of the study of Modern Indian Languages which are not exclusive but are many expressions of India’s unity and source of cultural enrichment and traditions. Of these linguistic expressions the Urdu language and its culture occupy an important place.

The importance of Delhi, the birth-place of Urdu, and its embodiment of richest traditions, cannot be over-emphasised. It was Delhi where Urdu was nourished and came to flowering, and where it achieved the distinction of being a highly developed expression of the composite culture of India. It is but natural that Delhi University, which is the capital’s highest seat of learning, and is


located in the main homeland of Urdu, should provide opportunities for the study of this language not only for Indians but also for students and scholars who come from
The Department of Urdu is housed in the Arts Faculty Building (between Patel Chest Marg and Chhatra Marg).

Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)
Master of Arts (M.A)
Post MA Diploma
Post MA Diploma Urdu Paleography
Advance Diploma: Urdu
 Diploma: Urdu
Certificate: Urdu
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