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ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN URDU (For foreigners and non-Urdu knowing Indian students)

1. Every candidate seeking admission to the one year Advanced Diploma Course in Urdu must have passed the Senior School     Certificate Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi or an examination recognized as equivalent     thereto and possess such other qualifications, if any, as may be prescribed by the regulations.

2. The examination for the Advanced Diploma shall be written and viva-voce according to the following scheme:

Paper-I     Essay, Grammar and Composition   and Translation Max. Marks 100
  (a)        Essay   40
  (b)        Grammar 15
  (c)        Composition 30
  (d)        Translation from English or Hindi into Urdu 15
Paper-II      Text (Urdu Prose) and outlines of History of Language and LiteratureMax.       Marks 100
  (a)       Text 60
  (b)       Critical Study of the author prescribed 20
  (c)       History 20
Paper-III        Text (Urdu Poetry) Max. Marks 100
  (a)       Text 60
  (b)       About the poets prescribed in text 20
  (c)       Asanaf-e-Nasr-o-Nazm 20
Paper-IV      Viva-Voce 100
  The students will have to secure 40% marks in each written paper and 40% marks in viva-voce test to pass the examination. Those who secure 75% or more marks in the aggregate will be declared to have passed with distinction.
Books Prescribed


Maktaba Jamia Ltd., New Delhi.
2. Urdu Ke Terah Afsane ed. Athar Perwez Educational Book House, Aligarh.

Following eight short stories will be taught:


(i)         Aanandi
(ii)        Rais Khana
(iii)       Akhri Koshish
(iv)       Aapa
(v)        Manzil
(vi)       Gadariya
(vii)      Akhri Aadmi
(viii)     Nazzara Darmiyan Hain

Urdu Adab Ki Tareekh   Azimul Haque Junaidi Educational Book House, Aligarh.
Urdu Ki Kahani Ehtisham Hussain NCPUL, New Delhi.
Urdu Qawaid (Fasl Soem) (Part-III) Maulvi Abdul Haque
Urdu Zaban-o-Qawaid (Part I & II) Shafi Ahmed Siddiqui
Books Recommended for further study
Urdu Zaban aur Lisaniyat Gopi Chand Narang
Nai Urdu Qawaid Ismat Javed
Urdu: An Essential Grammar     Ruth Laila Schmidt
Urdu Adab Ki Tanqeedi Tareekh Ehtisham Hussain
Naya Afsana Masail aur Mailanat ed. Qamar Rais
Fee The following shall be the fees prescribed for the programme:

Admission Fee                            15/-
Annual Fee                                 12/-
Athletic Fee                                10/-
Enrolment Fee                          100/-
Exam. Fee                                200/-
Exam. Form                               10/-
Identity Card                              10/-
Mark Sheet Fee                         25/-
N.S.S. Fund                               20/-
Sexual Harassment                     10/-
Tuition Fee                               135/-
Univ. Dev. Fee                           300/-

Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)
Master of Arts (M.A)
Post MA Diploma
Post MA Diploma Urdu Paleography
Advance Diploma: Urdu
 Diploma: Urdu
Certificate: Urdu
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